Corey Feldman Vs. David Phelps


Have you ever joked with one of your friends while they were singing one of their favorite songs and asked them who sings that song and then tell them to keep it that way? Well in this case Corey Feldman should have someone else sing his song because he is not a musician or a performer. I believe everyone should be able to do what he or she loves in this world but if something you love is something that you are completely untalented at then maybe you should just do it in your own time. The only good thing I could say about this performance is that he did not give up; he completed it from start to finish. But other than that he really should just hand the microphone to someone else who has some musical talent.



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In the second video included I wanted to show you the difference between what Corey Feldman is and what a true musician is; listen to one of the greatest singers and my all time favorite singer David Phelps. He is the true definition of what a vocalist is, he captures you and you hang on every note he sings until the end and then you just want to get up and dance and shout. I have listened to almost all of his songs he has ever released and I still get goose bumps listening to him sing a song I have heard hundreds of times. I hope when you listen to this it has a similar effect on you as it does me because it can make a bad day into a great day just by getting to listen to David Phelps sing.



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Ariana Grande at VMAs

Hey guys thanks for reading my first blog post! So I am a very big fan of Ariana Grande and I will be the first one to say that this is definitely her worst performance to date. I’m not sure as to what was going on with her the night of the VMAs but I have a few ideas. First off I feel as though anyone who thinks they can workout and give an amazing live performance is just lying to themselves. I’m not sure as to why Ariana decided to ride a stationary bicycle at the beginning of her performance but it basically made sure she was not able to perform at her maximum potential for the rest of the performance. As the performance went on it seemed to just get worse, Ariana’s vocals were just getting worse and at one point she quit singing and you could hear the music playing where she was supposed to be singing. Secondly it seemed to me that she might not be feeling well and that was part of the reason her vocals were so off point. Overall, There must have been some underlying cause as to why she did so poorly because she usually has very energetic performances and is vocally on point.